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The Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" can be the best policy if your car breaks down on a lonely road. A kit is easy to put together to stow away in your trunk for an emergency. Since Spring is rumored to be around the corner, winter gear has been left off the list. 

  1. Cell Phone 
  2. Bottled water 
  3. Blanket 
  4. Help Sign 
  5. Flares (package of 3) 
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Radiator hose repair kit 
  8. Jumper cables
  9. First Aid Kit 
  10. Tow rope
  11. Squeeze bulb siphon hose 
  12. Roll of duct tape 
  13. Roll of paper towels 
  14. Good thick pair of gloves 
  15. Can of Fix-a-Flat 
  16. Tire pressure gage
  17. Gallon of antifreeze 
  18. Kitty litter 
  19. Quart of Mobil 1 
  20. Extra fuses & light bulbs 
  21. Flashlight & extra batteries 
  22. Adjustable wrench 
  23. Flat & Phillips screwdrivers 
  24. Folding shovel 
  25. Piers 
  26. Swiss Army Knife 
  27. Vise Grips 

Ken Salter