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  • Member Rebate (U.S.)

    Your U.S. membership with the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) comes with special privileges, like rebates toward monthly Mercedes-Benz USA listings. To qualify, you must be a current primary Member of MBCA in the USA. To access rebates, visit the MBUSA Rebate page. Then generate your Control Number at the bottom of the page when logged in. To give to your participating dealer.

  • The Star® Magazine

    Your membership to the Mercedes-Benz Club of America includes a subscription to our bi-monthly magazine, The Star.  In 2012, The Star was awarded 14 "best of" medals from the International Automotive Hall of Fame for excellence in writing, design, production, graphics and photography.

    Available to Members by mail and online.

  • Mecum Auctions Discount

    Mercedes-Benz Club of America members enjoy a special discount on the Standard Bidder registrations at Mecum Auctions.

  • Classified Ads

    Mercedes-Benz Club of America members and non-members, both private party and commercial businesses, may sell merchandise, goods and services through this website and in our award-winning magazine, The Star®. Reach the people who love Mercedes.

  • Collector Car Insurance

    MBCA members have access to receive an additional 5% discount, in addition to all other offered discounts, with their collector car insurance policy through Hagerty. They host to the largest network of collector vehicles and one of the premier collector vehicle insurance providers, with coverage tailored specifically to protect your Mercedes-Benz. Experience great benefits like Guaranteed ValueTM Coverage, Flexible Usage, Roadside Service and Expert Claims Handling.

  • Club Trips to Germany

    Membership benefits include the exclusive opportunity to experience a first-class European vacation and VIP tours that places you at the heart of Mercedes-Benz rich history. These member only trips provide direct and personal access to Mercedes-Benz facilities, museums, assembly plants and the many amazing European landmarks. 

  • 15% Discount on Parts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center

    Club members receive 15% off hard-to-find parts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California. Learn why they say in the end, they're not just restoring cars ... they're reviving dreams.

  • Discounts on Parts, Service & Accessories at Participating Mercedes-Benz Dealers

    As a Mercedes-Benz Club of America member, the presentation of your membership card may entitle you to 5%, 10% or (up to) 20% off parts, service and accessories from U.S. and Canadian Mercedes-Benz dealers.

  • F1Mats

    Members receive a 15% discount on F1Mats when ordering online through the F1 Mats website.

  • MedJet Assist

    A leader within the medical transportation industry, MedJet Assist has saved thousands of lives. MBCA Members receive preferred pricing for emergency medical transport and evacuation services that could save your life.

  • National Enthusiast Committee

    New and Different … Follow For Enthusiasts throughout the year for new resources and club benefits created especially for you. Contact pre and post war experts for technical and restoration advice plus many rewarding programs to come.

  • Local, Regional & National Events

    As a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, you'll be able to attend a wide range of driving events and activities in your own back yard, your region of the country and in five-star destinations across the U.S. and Canada. Pull-on your driving gloves and pull down your Prada eyewear. Get ready to meet, mingle and motor with the world's largest group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts ... here.

  • Section Newsletters

    At least every quarter (most often, about once a month) local Sections will produce and mail a Newsletter to their members. Content is usually focused on six (or more) items: 1) a welcome message to new members; 2) a special reminder or feature story about upcoming events; 3) publicity updates on recently completed events; 4) a list of Section Officers and their titles; 5) phone numbers/email addresses for contacting the local Section and National Offices; and 6) a schedule of events for the next three months.